The attorney general – Israeli legal reform – part 3

In episode 3 of the handbook for the Israeli legal reform, lawyer Ziv Maor discusses the The position of the Attorney General

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 Many countries have an attorney general, but the translation of this role may be misleading

This position in Israel holds two authorities: the final call on whether or not to indict an
individual, and to be the legal counselor of the government

In the White House, for instance, these positions are separate, but in Israel they are held by the same person

According to decisions made in the past, when the Attorney General wears the hat of the government's counselor, he doesn't really give advice, he can force the government to act according to his interpretation of the law

If the government wants to promote a policy that the attorney general doesn't approve – he  can strike it down

It is important to understand that now – regarding the legal reform – it is not an innocent interpretation, but one that is designed to gain power in favor of the court's interest

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Emuna Frid
Author: Emuna Frid


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